Back to the beginning

Charcoal with white pastel & chalk

Charcoal with white pastel & chalk

I am trying to teach myself to draw. I have no art classes where I live but I do have youtube and amazon and a library so I feel it is all left up to me now. I have always loved to draw ever since I was young however I never reached the level of my mother or even close to it (my mother is an artist) so naturally I thought well that’s it then. I wasn’t around to see the early years of my mothers work. I only saw her churning out beautiful oil paintings like I butter a slice of toast. Yes she said things that made sense like, it’s something you have to cultivate, learn the rules, understand light and dark, practice with shapes, but she was my mum and I didn’t listen when I was young. Besides, there were plenty of people who gave the distinct impression that painting was a hobby, not a career, not a life for someone, at least not someone with any sort of dignity. I call these people ‘the practicals’. They are well meaning, efficient, law abiding, dependable people who just can’t seem to understand why someone chooses not to be an academic, or administrative or businesslike but instead spirited and dependably unpredictable. We have to coexist, us creatives and the practicals. Thank goodness for the practical creatives who manage to bridge the two divides whom I will call the peacemakers.

It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow creatives’, whether their creativity leads to practical uses or not, and it’s also a pleasure to meet more ‘practicals’ (my husband is a practical) because it reminds me that I am different, I am creative and I shouldn’t try to be anything but.

Now that THAT is off my chest, back to my point, I gave up drawing, I gave up art and I gave it up to be a practical and pursued that path for more than 10 years which made me miserable. Now I’m learning to draw again and although it may seem elementary, fruitless or selfish, I’m not miserable.

Cherries in pastel

Cherries in pastel

Soooo, my sister has kindly put some photos of my drawings on her blog so take a little wonder over to row’s pottery shed and also have look around her blog too. Pottery has always been a love for Rowena but she took a break while building her career and a family. Now she has 3 boys, her eldest is training with the Manly Eagles (the younger division of course) as well as working full time. She has her Masters in something learning related and she can multitask. I have already established on my about me page that I am not a multitasker, well Rowena is. She still sends me family birthday reminders on my phone that have saved me plenty of times (thanks Rowena, keep it up). But when she is in her pottery shed, she unleashes and just goes with the flow. She doesn’t let ‘what if’s’ get in the way. You know, the what if it turns out wrong? What if I’m hopeless? What if, what if. Nope, non-pulsed by the what ifs and I love it. Creativity takes courage as I think Matisse said. By the way, I love her bowels, they are mine, all of them, I’m planning on taking them one by one until I have the whole set, just saying, thought you should know.

Before I go, have you ever revisited something you love, something you gave up years ago and now you think what was I thinking to ever give that up? If so, what prompted the reunion?


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