Long road to this one…

Woha, whoa, whoa. Today started with a monotype print just for something different … but … I ended up using pastels agaaaiin and now I’m a thinking I’ll add some charcoal, but not now, tomorrow, I’m pooped. My two year old fell over and punctured under his bottom lip with his own teeth. Seeing a mouthful of blood caused enough cortisol production in my system to last a month. He is fine, a trip to the hospital, some ice and a ‘bottle’ and he’s back to normal.

Back to the drawing, yes, you have guessed correctly, it is a pear. I was trying something different to the one at the bottom of this post. I just keep feeling it needs something. Any thoughts on what it might need or where?

A pastel pear that was originally a monotype

A pastel pear that was originally a monotype


2 thoughts on “Long road to this one…

  1. Poor boy, hope is os ok, all in a days work for you, hospital trip and all…I can’t help with colour advice but you could add a clay bowl for the pear to sit in. He he… Like half a bowl that you stick on to the painting so the it really becomes 3D. You think I’m joking don’t you….

  2. Row, you may just be ahead of your time. We may be seeing that very thing in future.
    Yeah, he punctured right through to the other side. Ouch.

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