Relieved and shocked today

Well it feels good to finish another drawing.

Jug in pastel and charcoal

Jug in pastel and charcoal

Before you get any ideas that I am a somewhat refined person with drawing an elegant jug and all …. I am. Sometimes.

I’d like to share our little household event last night that made me want to pee my pants …

As a parent, I still have to remind myself that I am a parent. The problem is I just don’t feel remotely equipped with all the decisions, choices, explaining, repeating, cooking, did I say repeating, and all while ‘speaking nicely’. Well last night I found myself facing a new parenting twist, one which left me wondering how a mature, calm, wise, experienced and prudent mother would react.

You see, while I was engrossed in surfing the web while watching television, my husband and I noticed the sound of a running tap, not dripping, running. I ignored it and continued to multi-task my attention while Simon on the other hand decided to ‘check it out’. Before I knew it, my husband, who was by this stage only in his undies, was almost peeing himself in laughter, urging me to “come and see this”. Well the sight before me equally scared me, shocked me and strangely enough made me feel I may just want pee myself too. Now I was scared because I frantically imaged this to be only the beginning, then shocked because I had only ever heard stories, never witnessed it myself. And as me for laughing so hard, well I think most parents would too if they saw their 5-year-old clearly sleep walking to the toilet, only it wasn’t the toilet but the play mat in the middle of the family room. While urinating in the middle of our family room, this 5-year-old notices our presence, smiles all while scratching his head like we all do when we wake from a nice long slumber, except he wasn’t awake.

After he crawls back into bed and we have tamed our bellows, caught our breath and controlled our own bladders, we tuck him in and ask him, ‘did you go to the toilet’. He smiles, nods, snuggles himself under the covers then peacefully re-enters slumber land.

It takes children to remind us how to laugh like a child complete with the whole dancing from side to side in the “I’m not busting just this second anyway” style. I just love laughing that hard. Like I said, I do need to actively remind myself that I am a responsible, wise, dependable, unshakable parent, really I am … okay, perhaps one with a split personality …. oh and yeah, possibly a sympathetic bladder too.


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