The Cycle of Dreaming

I am still procrastinating however I have started my studies this week so I do have a legitimate excuse for not drawing. What am I saying, I am probably the only person who cares if I am drawing or not … oh and my mother because she sent me some books on pastels. Well, books from mum, a site to get feedback on my work – no wonder I have been ignoring Mr Char Coal. Well I do have one drawing… but it is unfinished. I need to put in a background but the problem is … I’ve lost interest.

Dad in charcoal

Dad in charcoal

Can you give me your thoughts on what you think the following something or rather is getting at?

I dream

What I can be

What I can do

I dream of who is me

I see

What I can be

What I can do

I see who is me

Then I’m scared

Of what I can be

Of what I can do

I’m scared of who is me

So, I become jealous

So jealous

Really jealous of me

Then I can envy

What I can be

What I can do

Without ever really being me

The cycle of dreaming – actually that is what I will title it.

Sorry, I don’t know how to single space.


14 thoughts on “The Cycle of Dreaming

  1. Dads eyes look a little cross eyed. Can you fix that? If you think of all the wood, nails and stuff in dads backyard and garage….could any of those things be in the background somewhere? You know how dad is busy with these materials and then sits down for 10 minutes for a break from his work……

    1. He’s actually squinting because he was eating something tart but it doesn’t look anything like that, will work on that.

  2. Really like this Cycle of dreaming…but I am too busy actually dreaming to find any bandwidth to dream about dreaming. So your taking this dreaming thing to a whole new level Simone.

    1. I was curious about this quote you referred to so I did a little search and I see what you mean! The quote is beautiful isn’t it? I’m thankful you reminded me of it.

  3. I am procrastinating getting some “real life” work done πŸ™‚ and enjoying reading! Yes, agree with the above reference to NM/MW quote.
    I try to simplify and use when faced with the do I / don’t I – fearful situations….
    The only difference between fear and excitement is attitude.
    Use that gift, please πŸ™‚ for those of use with no artistic talent. πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you! We all have gifts, and artistic talent was not one of mine. Walking into a maelstrom or crisis? Yeah, that is my forte. But I still need my mantra – fear/excitement? Attitude!

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