Is creativity silly?

Yes and no is the answer to that question.

Through my online studies we were directed to watch a clip on youtube of John Cleese talking about creativity to which myself and many students on the discussion forum found uplifting as well as entertaining. One thing he mentioned about creativity is that it is just like play. We need time to be creative that is separate from our day to day activities because otherwise it wouldn’t be creativity just as play wouldn’t be play if we just played all the time. Here is the link if you are interested.

Back to my question. Although Edward de Bono suggests that creativity is only creative if it adds value, the process it seems, according to John Cleese is a whole lot of fun and even silliness. So yes, being creative is a silly thing to do however without this silly and playful process where would we be? Hence the counter argument that creativity is not silly as the outcome of creativity can be productive and provide value despite the seemingly undirected and playful process to get to that point. Oooh, I’m getting dizzy.

Well this week I was just silly. I became rather sidetracked while trying to explore and investigate an object nominated in my course. Here is a link to a powerpoint presentation of me just being playful. Just warning you, it’s totally silly, has zero purpose, will take a little over 2 minutes that you won’t get back again and will most likely leave you asking ‘point’? Well here is my point, does everything have to have a point when you’re playing and just being silly? I would like to think I will get to the ‘adding value’ part at some stage but until then, I’m being silly…

So here is the link to Barry’s Journey

Current reviews:

“Don’t get it” from my brother.

“How are we related?” from my sister.

Feel free to be equally complementary, I can take it.


9 thoughts on “Is creativity silly?

  1. i like “yes and no” answers… heh. if i were to answer, i think there is always a point or “value” when you exercise creativity, silly or not, and with or without conscious intent.. be free, express, enjoy, release… energize… another way of thinking/learning… subconsciously builds towards the next step.

  2. As long as you don’t start taking Barry to bed with you or have any weird conversations with him. Hey, You remind me of that movie Castaway with Tom Hanks when he is stuck on that island and this stray ball becomes his best mate.

    1. I did become a little attached to Barry and I did begin to see a personality emerge in his crinkles and folds. I also caught myself thanking him at one point when he held something for me. Dear oh dear …

  3. This is great! I watched Barry’s journey… fun! I’ve done similar things that feel so… “useless”… yet seem to be a very important creative expression. For its own sake. It’s especially fun to use media that might be out of your usual “creative zone,” such as photography, film, or for me, iMovie. (Here’s a link to one of my own silly movies, in this blog post I think that blogging itself often feels “pointless,” yet has become important for reasons stated. Anyway, nice blog you have here, and thanks for checking out mine! xLaura

    1. Your welcome and glad you liked Barry’s Journey, it was fun and I agree, it is important to experiment as you never know where useless may end up. Loved the music in your mice movie, great choice, choices actually, must have been such a shock to find them there!

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