I found a poem from around 1995/96. You are going to think I’m nuts, but I was absolutely sure I wrote this poem. I have memories of trying different words and re-reading it over and over and especially finding the second last line particularly difficult. I thought I had better check that I didn’t ‘think’ I wrote it. I mean it was almost 20 years ago so I am well aware that my mind could be playing tricks on me. Well lucky I have done my research …. It was written by Kitty Chappell and my mind was playing tricks on me. I think it shows just how powerfully this poem resonated with me at that particular time.


by Kitty Chappell

The dangerous people are not the ones,

Who hit you with clubs and rob you with guns.

The thief won’t attack your character traits

Or belittle your abilities to your face.

It likely will be a well-meaning friend

Who merely crushes your will to win.

No, he doesn’t rob you, at point of gun,

He simply states, ‘It can’t be done’.

When pointing to thousands who already are,

He smiles and says, ‘They’re superior

Personality wise, and abilities too,

They’re way ahead of what others can do’.

It matters not that his words are untrue,

For, you feel ‘others’ must know you!

So you’re robbed of your hopes, your dreams to succeed,

Robbed of the material blessings received,

Robbed of your faith that says ‘I can’,

And robbed by an ignorant gun-less friend.

So the deadliest of men is not he with a gun,

But the one who tells you ‘it can’t be done’.

For that taken by burglars can be gotten again,

But what can replace your will to win.


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