The INTP 4 year old

Austin - yes his shirt is back-to-front

Austin – yes his shirt is back-to-front

As already mentioned somewhere on this blog, I am an INTP (one of 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory). Well, so far, so is my middle son Austin. I am well aware that INTP’s seem odd to non-INTP’s but I just crack myself up when watching this INTP thing develop in my 4 year old.

Unlike any of my other children, he attempts to answer his own questions and quite helpfully answers those of the other boys too. He makes statements out of nowhere to signify the conclusion for whatever he was contemplating and when asked a silly question, he quite rightly responds with a silly answer.

The following are some examples of his developing INTPness. Please note that unless you are an INTP or close relative, you may not find any warm fuzzy or cute moments here.

This is Austin:

Seeking clarity  – Why are there spider webs here? Oh, because their other home was destroyed.

Creating his own questions – What’s bigger than a cloud? A gigantic house!

Developing logic – When I need something, I’ll just find the button.

Contemplation about the unseen – Santa is on holidays. (It was March when he said that).

Stating the obvious for those who obviously need it – Of course the caterpillar can’t hurt you Beau, he doesn’t have any guns.

Being philosophical – You know when you make two see-saws, that means you have two see-saws.

And my favourite which is just Austin – Now Dad, I’ve spoken to Mum and she said she’s going to buy you some pyjamas because you can’t just walk around in your undies, okay?

Do you have an INTP child?  Does your child ask ‘Why?’ or does he/she also ask  ‘What happens?’  For an INTP, without knowing ‘what will happen’, the reasons are inconsequential.

Just to finish, yesterday Austin was growing increasingly frustrated with his younger brother until he decides to state his feelings with ‘I just don’t understand why this baby is in this house!’ A perfectly constructed sentence stating his need to ‘understand’. Just classic and I couldn’t be prouder. No mum, I didn’t tell him that.


4 thoughts on “The INTP 4 year old

  1. You have a gem, there! I think parenting is that much more fun when you can appreciate the world your child sees because you understand how how your child sees it. (does that make sense?)

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