Say All You Dare

An easier life is what we seek
Including the humble and not so meek
Waking for parties and buffet full
To graduate with honours from a top notch school
A position to envy, supporting the spending
A humble abode with rooms never ending

Should we be striving for a life of guilt?
Planning a fortress not yet built?
Of course they say, there’s no other way
Big dreams, high goals, they do repay
For it must be assessed, your final share
Is it bigger, grander, greater than theirs
Be warned if it isn’t, there will be a fee
Why me, why me, why me you will plea

Discipline it seems, could be the key
To obtain what most don’t but only see
For it is then you can say “I am there”
My priorities straight, my relationships bare
I truly am grateful for the abundance brought forth
I have all affairs sorted so I’ll keep looking north
It is there we are hoping to finally find
That work and things will show a heart kind

What does one mean “making a life?”
Is it different for a queen and that for a wife?
Who is to judge the life that we make
Our friends and family in our names sake?
And what criterion will be used for this task?
Yours, mine or the neighbours shall I ask
Upon whose final judgement shall I feel at ease
Comfortably knowing my worth won’t be teased


Please forgive my careless eye
For passing your pride on the mantel so high
I don’t mean to embarrass you when trivia retold
Tries to grab my attention but fails to hold
My goals, my ambitions are upwardly focused
Completely unaware of the worlds hocus pocus
Laugh at me, scoff at me, say all you dare
At first it may hurt but the Lord has by care
by Charcoalblue

I realise I have introduced my two eldest sons, but not my youngest.  This is him when he was 12 months old. Now he is two and it has been the best terrible two’s I have ever had. He’s our lovely Loxley.

Black and white Pastel portrait of baby

Loxley in Pastel


5 thoughts on “Say All You Dare

    1. Have I told you about my disaster trying to spin something resembling a vase on a potters wheel? Sorry sorry sight. I have featured some of your pottery on the Riches post, take a look.

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