Should we strive to be normal?

Normal doesn’t make you right
Nor does it make you wrong
Just common

Normal doesn’t make you generous
Nor does it make you hilarious
Just usual

Normal doesn’t make you gifted
Nor does it make you bright
Just typical

Normal doesn’t make you beautiful
Nor does it make you brave
Just average

Now I am flipping the coin and looking at what is normal as opposed to abnormal (see last post).

What is normal? What does normal even mean? Is it really that important? Well let us first take a look at the definition …

Normal – conforming to usual or typical pattern (Heinemann Australian Dictionary).

So we are talking about what is most common over a large group of people, what can be most expected and what is the most predictable.

So does this sound interesting to you? Why is it that people strive for normal when all it means is average, usual, typical and predictable?

Don’t aim for normal, aim for what is normal for you! 

That’s my two cents anyway!


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