Productive procrastination – my favourite

Speaking of normal, procrastination is rather normal for me and yesterday, well, I had a day full of it. I had (still do) many things on my ‘to-do’ list (or multiple lists scattered somewhere around the house I’m sure) but yesterday I decided to screen print instead.

I wasn’t really into it at first because I didn’t have any clue what I was going to do, no goal, plan, or vision to complete, just aimless really. Soon I had my sewing basket out with the idea of making wall hangings or banners and gift tags so after a while I became a steam train not wanting to reduce my momentum for fear it will take forever to start again.

Well this meant my children ate toast for lunch, watched a little more than ‘a little tv’ and had 3 biscuits for afternoon tea because I couldn’t stop to peel an apple or even a banana for that matter.

Here is a prelude courtesy of instagram. The finished stuff, I will reveal after I have another day full of procrastination, tv, toast and biscuits. Hmm, might stock up on fish fingers too.

A post shared by hb (@harperbeddow) on

Been screenprinting

A post shared by hb (@harperbeddow) on


A post shared by hb (@harperbeddow) on

Who knew procrastination could be so productive.


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