My stint at being practical

Well I have attempted to turn my love for drawing into something useable. So after having the drawings in charcoal and soluble pencil transferred to the screen and printing them on fabric I have now created some wall hangings or miniature table cloth or whatever and some gift tags.

Canvas screenprinted bike image gift tag

Gift tag with bike image on canvas

canvas gift tag with screen printed bike image

Front and bag

bike screen printed onto fabric wall hanging

Bike screen printed on fabric for a wall hanging

Borders on the bike image screen printed on fabric wall hanging

Different border colours

Screen printed jog on fabric wall hanging

Jug in grey with orange border


Screen printed jug on fabric wall hanging

Jug in blue with red border

I actually love the crushed fabric with the faded look of the print and the child like border. I put eyelets in the corners to use for hanging. I’m also thinking of making a cloth pencil case or a pendant light. No clue how just yet but I have put it on the list for my next procrastination day.

I really should be getting to my to-do-list now, hmmm, where did I put it?


7 thoughts on “My stint at being practical

    1. So much fun to make. I like the blue too, hopefully I will be able to recreate that colour again when it runs out. I think I stumbled across it.

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