Procrastination can be such a darling thing!

Nope, after I left yesterday I didn’t go and draw. I didn’t listen to my logical side. I just wasn’t feeling logical so I ignored her.

I took photos instead.

Loxley is potty training and yesterday I had him dressed in daggy clothes for this precise reason. In my absent mind I tucked his shirt in his big daggy baggy  shorts and then couldn’t get over just how cute and wonderful and darling he looked. So I had to capture it, you know for nostalgia, and because I’m his mum and that’s what mums’ do.

Well, I am going to share these cutsie photos. Not because I’m a cutsie sort of person, I barely notice a new born is in the room unless it cries, unlike many females with antenna for babies within a one mile radius.

Annndddd …. I’m not sharing them because I am procrastinating either. Nope. I have plenty of other ways to procrastinate thank you very much.

Soooo…. I’m sharing them because it’s my blog and I want to.

And when I say them, I mean photo plural. I simply could not choose.







By the way, he is big for his age. He’s only 2 1/2 if you are wondering why I am trying to potty train what looks like a 5 year old.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination can be such a darling thing!

    1. I know. He said to me today ‘I have a question’, and that was it. He also says ‘awesome’ all the time and I mean all the time. I wish he thought doing a wee in the potty was awesome.

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