Mr Char Coal

I don’t know if all of you have been introduced to Mr Char Coal yet. If not, here is the background about all my unrequited loves.

Well, Mr Charcoal and I had our second date. It’s been a while. You see, something came between us ….. Procrastin Ation. He was so persistent and eager. He kept knocking at my door, calling on the phone, emailing and even throwing rocks at the window. I was so flattered, so I caved. Yes I did. Evidence is splattered all over this blog too. Screen-printing, poetry about knickers, photography, even researching Gothic architecture and that’s only the evidence on the blog. You should see my house. It’s spotless (no, not really, thought I would just say that). I even dedicated a few blogs to Mr Procrastin Ation and he was pleased. BUT as time would inevitably tell, this thing with Mr Ation would get us no-where so I have returned to my first love, Char Coal, if he’ll have me.

Here he is. A bit rusty but it’s nice to have him back.

male torso in charcoal

male torso in charcoal and conte crayon



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