Learning stop motion animation

I have learnt a new skill. Although I wouldn’t exactly term it a skill, not mine anyway, more an ‘understanding of the process’. When I found out that creating a stop motion animation was an assignment option for a course I am doing I jumped for joy. Before I knew it, a piece of music had ingnited a wonderful idea and I was in animation land, except it was all in my head. Then I told my husband about my idea and before I go further let me just point out that my husband asked me what I was going to do (imagine a shocked looked on my face). He is a practical you see. His idea of dreaming or even allowing his brain to wonder into a world uninhibited with the opposite of usefulness and practicalness and full of handy points is deciding what to cook for dinner. BUT, and yes I did start a new sentence with but, he is brilliant at helping me see the practical side of things. He often hears me say ‘I need your help’ or ‘how do I’ or ‘can you figure this out for me?’ and he does, brilliantly!

Well he brilliantly pointed out that my wonderful animation story sounded like ‘a lot of work’. As I was telling the story I was getting more and more excited and by the end I looked like a 5 year old about to eat 3 huge scoops of ice-cream. After hearing those words, you know the ‘a lot of work’ words, my 3 scoops turned into 1 tablespoon and my face was deflated to match. Did he like the idea? I don’t know, he didn’t say. I guess it doesn’t matter if it is going to be too much work and therefore not viable.

I soon came to accept that he was right. It was a lot of work and with a deadline looming around the corner, I thought of a different idea. I still like this idea, in fact I get a giggle out of it and it was heaps of fun making it. So here it is.

Before I go, I have had a weird bird morning. First I saw one magpie poking the eyes out of another magpie. Is this normal for a bird to deform another of its own species while it is still alive? Secondly, while sitting here at my computer I can see four eagles circling which is strange since I have never seen more than one eagle at a time. Even weirder however, there is a small bird that seems to be chasing one of the eagles. Ohhhhh, I get it now. They must be protecting a nest or an injured family member. Do eagles eat small birds? Any bird experts out there?


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