Not just grass clippings of the 21st century

With the digital age, we have the benefit of snap first, think later. As a result we produce enough photos for the delete bin to rival the grass clippings after mowing the lawn on Sunday afternoon.

I thought I would compile some photos that I would either delete into nether-space or something …

So, a day through my lens with snap happy fingers.

Besides, I am learning how to place the photos in tiles, is that the correct word?

Jumping on trampoline photo

Colour_ Colour_-10 Colour_-9 Colour_-7 Colour_-6 Colour_-5 Colour_-4 Colour_-3 photography

As you can see, the tiles didn’t exactly work. Suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Not just grass clippings of the 21st century

    1. Thanks heaps. They are the better grass clippings I admit, just not the smiley portraits we reserve for show and tell.

    1. Why thank you. You’ll probably figure it out way before me so I may be knocking on your door (blog) in future.

  1. If I can explain it well enough, when you have your image pasted in you can click on the left hand corner and there should be 2 boxes. One which would delete the image the other opens up an info box. If you fill in the captions information click on update you should have your image in a ’tile’ with a title. Or when you initially select your image you have the option to put a caption in and then it should automatically come in a ’tile’. I hope this will work. I am just attempting to start my nomination blog! Thank you so much again. 🙂

    1. Ah-ha, thank you, I think I know what to do. I will find some more photos and create another post and see if I can am capable of following your instructions, I’m a little technology unsavvy, dissavvy, nonsavvy, you know what I mean. Pretty excited, thanks again.

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