Detecting self-deceptions in the kitchen

It just started to disappear into thin air, precipitate, never to be recovered again, instead, a black layer of burnt soup remained. Yes, yesterday it was soup that burnt on my stovetop. Soup? Is that even possible, isn’t it mostly fluid you ask? Well it starts out as a lot of fluid but if left long enough, or rather, forgotten long enough, it reduces to black sludge. Yum.

They (meaning inventors) need to devise a stovetop that requires the inbuilt timer to be set before it can be turned on. In this case, my only concern would be … ‘what on earth is that bell for? From? Is it here? Next door? Hmmm sounds like it’s coming from the kitchen – oh that’s right, the soup, the rice, dinner!!!!!  Ah, dinner saved. See – genius.

Now before you ask, no I can’t smell. Unless my nose is entrenched in poo or petrol, I can’t smell. Yes, there have been many times where I have been sitting at the kitchen table with dinner burning on the stove for my husband to return from work bursting to get inside …“Simone, something’s burning” he’ll yell through the front door while he gets his key out of his pocket BUT I can’t decipher his intense waffles or smell what apparently smacked him in the face as he turned down our street. Instead, I’m thinking .. life is good, kids are bathed, dinner almost ready and adult only time will begin soon (not that kind of adult time, picture reading a book without hearing ‘mum …. Austin hit me’ or ‘Muuuummmm, what’s infinity plus one?’). What on earth is Simons problem?

Another perfectly acceptable and obvious question you might ask is why don’t I use a normal timer? Well here’s the thing. Every time I do remember to use a timer I think, “I’ll remember” despite my sorry looking saucepans screaming otherwise. I’m becoming quite concerned. This dishonesty with myself is getting out of hand. If dinner isn’t burnt, it is usually due to forgetting to turn the stove on.

Which leads me to think, are there other areas that I haven’t been honest with myself? Like ….

I can’t think of anything else. Perhaps my talent lies in detecting others self-deceptions (ask my husband).

So you say, don’t give up Simone, there is always hope, we can’t live without hope. You know what, you are right. Absolutely right! What would a day be without a little hope for something? Good advice.

So, does that mean I hope that I will be honest with myself and finally start to use the timer? Or do I hope that I will one day learn to remember without the timer? I’m confused..…

Talking about the kitchen …. what do you think of my tea towels?

Bike image on linen tea towel Bike image on linen tea towel screen printed jug on linen tea towel screen printed jug on linen tea towel screen printed jug on linen tea towel


6 thoughts on “Detecting self-deceptions in the kitchen

  1. The tea towels are gorgeous! As for the cooking, I still can’t seem to get through a single meal prep without multiple “oops!” and spilling on every surface available… must be a messy artist thing. lol

  2. Lovely towels. 🙂
    What? Burn the dinner? Isn’t that how it is suppose to be served? I grew up on burned food so prefer the taste. And have learned all the tricks – ie, add water to soups, stews, etc to resurrect what can be saved. “That is how I learned to cook it.” 😉

  3. The answer is to stop cooking obviously! That way we can safely assume no house will ever burn down and no one will need to eat burnt sludge. Just build a backyard fire pit like hubby did on the week-end, give the kids a stick with a sausage and a marshmellow stuck on the end and they can cook it themselves.
    I really like your main tactic to avoid burning dinner ie.forgetting to turn the stove on! Love it!

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