Sanity …. or lack thereof

I checked with both body and soul and they have concurred – my sanity is missing in action. I am desperately hoping it’s in one of the millions of boxes I packed that are currently heading towards our new home. Yes, we are moving.

In the meantime …. a digression …..

My two eldest boys seem to have contracted a syndrome called, ‘Where did I wee last night?’ The symptoms involve sleepwalking, talking gibberish, wandering from pillar to post inside the house and weeing everywhere but the toilet bowl. Actually, Austin managed to pee on the floor outside the toilet, which is an improvement from Beau who decided to explore the garage and hallway and bedroom wardrobe ….. get the drift?

Last week I woke to ‘Mum …… I’ve woken up and I’m all sticky and wet’. Further investigation revealed a squashed banana in his bed so I will add another symptom – that being, midnight snacks.

I have a hard enough time convincing them to do anything I ask when they are awake. What on earth am I do to about this one?

Buy another set of cleaning gloves it seems.

Back to the move …..

This is a photo I took on my phone while in the car just outside of Emerald QLD.

Emerald QLD landscape photograph

I’m going to miss these colours.


3 thoughts on “Sanity …. or lack thereof

    1. That would make sense, bed wetting after the move however these were incidents before the move. It seems to have stopped for now though, unless it is lying dormant. Just one of the cons with being able to pee standing up.

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