My room.

I’m pretty tame with my expression when it comes to excitement. I prefer not to look like a 10 year old school girl so I contain it as best I can.

Well not today I haven’t. I have been dancing around my new studio. With the music loud I have been busting some moves. There was the Michelle Pfeiffer at the end of New Years Eve move, the techno jump with arms pumping upwards move and of course the catwalk pretending to be a model move. Pretty embarrassing really but I don’t care and you know why? Because I am excited of course, I thought I made that pretty clear?

I’m excited because I have a studio/study all in one room of my very own and it is beautiful. It has two big windows that frame the afternoon sunlight filtering through the camellia bushes and rose bed before splashing into the room. It is big enough for two huge tables (one of which my clever and practical husband handmade from recycled timber and steel) for both study and art.

I have shelves galore for all my books, folders, papers, pads, pastels, paints and pencils and a dedicated corner for my screens.

There is even a fireplace … uh ha, yes there is, indeed.

I haven’t had my own space since I lived at home with my parents. I almost feel like a school girl again where I would write in my many notebooks, daydream for the sake of daydreaming, write letters, add to my pin board cut-outs of whatever took my fancy and dream of the boy I had the biggest crush on.

I am so much more mature today. At least I hope so because I have children to look after now. In fact, it’s school holidays which means I am with all three of my children 24/7. Imagine one that thinks too much, one that thinks very little and one with chubby cheeks and all three thinking ‘Oh, I haven’t jumped on this spot in my new home, or splattered myself on this one, or somersaulted into this one for that matter. I wonder what this spot would sound like? Hmm, perhaps a faster run-up might produce a greater thump and I had better make sure there is plenty of mud on my shoes’.


No matter, I have my room. My abode. My home.

Just for me.

I still call it ‘the study’ to cover myself. You see, studio implies I make something or do something that is worthy of a dedicated room devoted to that something and the problem is; I’m still waiting for that something.

No matter, I have my room.

Here is a little tour ..

my studio room

my studio window

my studio things

my studio fireplace

my three boys standing still

my three boys standing still


13 thoughts on “My room.

    1. Yes, I leave it to him to know whether I am Arthur or Martha because he is so good at it. Clever and practical … so jealous sometimes.

  1. Looks terrific! A great place to be creative, I bet 😉

    Nothing wrong with excited dances. There should be more opportunities for that! 🙂

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