A snapshot of family

There really isn’t anything like family. You either laugh or cry or you cry laughing. Anything in between is boring and plain.

I just spent a week with my parents, sisters and their kids along with my tribe of boys and it was noisy, messy and busy to say the least, however I would have been disappointed if it were anything but absolute chaos.

The numerous bodies floating about the place were only outnumbered by the tea and coffee breaks, art studio sessions and practical jokes. Needless to say, my sister now believes that when I say I am scared of the dark that I am actually scared of the dark. The events that led her to believe this fact is something she still giggles about today apparently.

This very sister spent most of her week walking around shaped like a zombie with arms out stretched before her complete with blank facial expression. Granted she was taking photos on her new phone that include all these groovy effects. You can check them out on her blog here (look at the two most recent posts). I don’t have a cool phone like that but I caught the photography bug nonetheless and pursued the challenge of taking photos on my SLR.

Here’s a snapshot – plural.

Black and white image of a shed

Dad’s shed. I just love the light in this dilapitated building called a shed.


Mum's art studio

Mum’s studio





Louise's watercolour painting

Louise’s watercolour station


Paintbrushes in studio

Some of Mum’s secret stash


Memory lobby

Memory lobby


black and white photo

Nephews playing chess


black and white photo

Evidence that kids do think


The stove that feeds a thousand little mouths - perhaps a slight exaggeration.

The stove that feeds a thousand little mouths – perhaps a slight exaggeration.


Dad's pottering around area

Dad’s pottering around area



Young July 2013-8



Outside the tool shed next to the vegie garden

Outside the tool shed next to the vegie garden

10 thoughts on “A snapshot of family

  1. I really like your photos! I am glad you got some shots of the boys playing chess, cause I didn’t get to take those shots. Also really like the Memory Lobby. Are you using black/white effect for some of these?

    1. The lobby has been hit with a few people. I have been converting these photos into black and white after they are downloaded from the camera. Is that what you mean?

  2. Love family get togethers! Especially ones with a sense of humor… love the practical jokes. My family interacts the same way, and all agree that to be boring would be the largest failure of all. 🙂

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