What’s happening?

I am learning to speak Spanish. Being new to the whole second language thing, I am beginning to learn what ‘loose translation’ really means. Who knew not all words were directly exchanged within two languages?

Logic says I need to have a garage sale. Do I really have to? Can’t be bothered. Requires too much organisation, bleh.

I have a new photo of me that sports a lovely green tinge. Flawlessly green in fact. Just stunning. Normally I wouldn’t care about such things…. Its just, this photo is on my new passport, the very thing that will be my primary form of identification.

Kids have their passports too. Austin charmed the whole post office with his useless efforts of not-smiling at the camera. I couldn’t look anywhere so I wouldn’t encourage him. Simon was laughing, the people in line were smiling but Austin just couldn’t stop his wide smile despite his mothers efforts to instruct him otherwise. A ‘NO PARK’ changed it pretty quick and all of the sudden I became very unpopular with everyone! Go figure.

I will miss my room. My room that witnesses me haphazardly, simultaneously and experimentally doing stuff I love. Is it possible for a heart to literally feel heavy because mine does. The great big windows, ohhh and the light, ohhh and this desk space, ohhhh it’s too much … change of topic please.

I have never been overseas but that is about to change …. Permanently …. Or for about 18 months permanently I mean. We are moving from Australia to Peru. Despite my lamenting and seemingly ungrateful attitude towards this new adventure I am actually looking into adult nappies. Nah, really looking forward to the culture shock, always wanted to know what a freight train would feel like upon impact. Oh I’m just being a dramatist. I am so excited. Like really excited, like I can’t wait excited!!!!!!!! Yes, I’m yelling!!!!!!!! Excited !!!!!!! There should be a singing exclamation mark, one that can be used to indicate that I am singing the words … like …. I’m so excited%%%%%. Work? What about …. I’m so excited”””””””. Better?

Well better get back to varnishing my childhood diary or drawing my nostril or wrapping a room in calico (ah, I’m going to miss my room).

Photo by: Vibe Images

Photo by: Vibe Images


12 thoughts on “What’s happening?

    1. Yay, so when I’m all alone in the middle of Lima (alone with 8 million plus people) and I don’t know how to order take away in spanish – I can check with you. I don’t think I’ll be worrying about conjugating my verbs either since I don’t even know what that means.
      I just have a mental picture of me walking the street talking to myself while I practice pronouncing a very simple sentence – no doubt I’ll be known as the foreigner who talks to herself.

    1. Nostril drawing is up on the next post – take a look but no snorting at it please – (oh that was bad).
      Yes, looking forward to living those obscure but funny stories.

  1. Oh wow! That’s a big move, I would be feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement as well – don’t worry, that’s normal!! I have heard amazing things about Peru though, and my sister spent a month there last summer. I could ask her tips/cultural info for you if it would help you to have a contact who has been there. And as for the language, wine and trying to speak with locals helps tons with that (I moved to France knowing hardly any French, this is how I coped lol). You’re going to love it though. 🙂

    1. I have always wanted to move to a country where I had to learn another language and now it is being handed to me on a platter and I am very excited. Some tips from your sister would be fantastic and wine in spanish is vino so I’m halfway there.

      1. Ok I chatted with my sister, and she doesn’t know too much about Lima specifically as she was only there a few days and then headed up to the mountains, but she did recommend the neighborhoods of Miraflores and Barranco. She absolutely loved Peru though, and I’ve always heard wonderful things from people who have been there. 🙂

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