Outrageous or conceptual?

I do some pretty weird stuff as part of my art course. I’m new to this whole conceptual art thing. In fact, I even had a dummy spit about having to research ready-mades, as if Duchamp’s porcelain urinal didn’t say it all. My tutor was very patient with me and offered a gracious response to my rant over ‘wasting time on what Duchamp undoubtable had a chuckle over – the gullibility of the human race’. Apologies to anyone who has transferred past the ignorant stage about such things but I’m not there yet (yes I am prepared for a little backlash).

As such, I’m doing weird weird stuff. You may have read on my last post that I’d better get back to varnishing my childhood diary. I wasn’t kidding. Furniture varnish on a book and yep, totally my idea – as to the idea itself, not sure, just know it was mine.

Yep, drew my nostril too, which received rave reviews on the discussion board. Apparently I’m pretty good at drawing nostrils. Yipee. I’ll include the drawing at the end, don’t want to digress from my train of thought right now …..

As for covering a room in calico – well I have scrapped that ‘concept’ and decided I want to dance to ‘Uprising’ by Muse in the middle of a photographic exhibition instead. How good is that song?

What makes art so different to psychology, which I spent the good part of my adult life studying, is that my personal opinion is valid. I don’t have to substantiate it by referring to past-dissected studies, although I do love doing that. Anyway, I can have an opinion and who is there to say I am wrong????

What has taken me so long to get into this world? Mixing with too many predominantly practically focused minds?

All I can say on this sunny sunny day, is, if I had exposed myself to this world earlier, I would have been doing all this weird weird stuff a long time ago. This means that by now, I would possibly be doing something much more interesting than varnishing my diary and instead, producing something that is considered outrageous, sorry, conceptual art. Who wouldn’t want to do that I ask?

One day.

Here is my nostril that was part of a drawing course requirement. It’s actually my nose all scrunched up into an attractive sea of bends and folds.

pastel drawing of scrunched up face

My nostril

Do you love that song by Muse. You know, the ‘Uprising’ one? Just try and not move to it. Just try. Impossible I tell you. Impossible.

May as well add some more drawings from my course. This one was done with powdered white pastel and charcoal which I applied using a wet paint brush. I had to do this standing with the paper on the floor. With such a great distance between me and the paper I had to use a stick with the paintbrush taped to the end. It was fun. It allowed for lots of awkward moments.

self portrait with powdered white charcoal


10 thoughts on “Outrageous or conceptual?

  1. Ahhhg…..I’m so glad you have this blog…helps me get through my treacherous commute on the bus. However I do get weird looks from laughing so loud I’m snorting when reading your posts. Talking about snorting…you must be a good snorter with nostrils that large and fluid!

  2. Ooh yes. I remember when I was at college we were made to paint with found sticks and a bucket of black paint on 2m square pieces of paper. 30 seconds for each pose. Shockingly bad at the beginning but progress was made.

    1. I found I had to let go of my expectations since the amount of control I had over the brush was diminished anyway. Since you say progress was made, I might give it another go … thanks.

  3. I was always told that conceptual art was more about the idea, and the fact that the artist’s mind was able to view something in a totally different light. That being said, I’m still not convinced either that Duchamp wasn’t laughing all the way to the bank… 🙂

    1. Surely he must have been surprised at the response, although perhaps it isn’t that surprising after all, considering he expanded the definition of art to include concepts or ideas meant everyone could be involved, not just those who wished to view art with the ‘retina’. If that is the reason then I’m all for the urinal as ‘art’.

  4. Oh, Duchamp…sigh…..where to start?..The man appreciated a hooker…that’s a start….lol I want to dance in the photo exhibit to Muse!!…I’ll bring photography!!!…..high 5!!!

    1. Well I will let you know if I ever do it, even if I just set up an exhibition in my backyard and I am my only audience … then you can come and dance with me!!!!

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