Funny or am I just warped?

I find this funny but it could be because my humour is warped. You decide.

For those who aren’t a Degas fan, a bit of background: Degas drew a lot of women bathing, getting in and out of the bath, drying their hair, drying their arms and you get the idea. I am not sure exactly how many drawings he did but there are books containing just his nudes.

Anyway, this pastel I copied from one of his many bathing pastel drawings except I obviously left out the nude bather, hence the title “She’s gone to lunch”. Please someone tell me that you also find that funny.

Degas copy without nude bather

She’s gone to lunch

What about a series? “Still at tea” and “She got bored” and “She’s visiting mother”????


18 thoughts on “Funny or am I just warped?

  1. omg, lmao!!! You could do an entire series juxtaposition Degas – with humorous titles – and make a mint 😉
    I would (crassly) call this one “That Time of the Month” 😉

    1. It’s funny you say that one because after I published this post I thought “she’s got PMS”. Wonder what percentage of the population know enough about Degas to get these?

      1. I can’t even begin to guess – I’m on the data/nerd end of the spectrum, however I have studied and appreciate the art.I can think of at least half a dozen “like-minded” who will LOVE what you have done and completely “get it!”

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Your work is incredible!

    1. You have outdone yourself Row, I didn’t think of that one and I just love the elegance in the way it is stated. My fav so so far.

    1. Thank you, you have a very good eye so it’s nice to hear this from you and yes I do like Bonnard, especially The Bowl of Milk

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