Award Time

Last week I was nominated for the Super Sweet Award and The Versatile Blogger Award so of course I was just tickled pink and I couldn’t wait to brag, so I’m bragging along with getting jiggy with it.

Sweet Blogger AwardVersatile Blogger Award

I love my blogging community just as I equally love finding more love in other blogging communities. It’s love all round and I’m just loving it.

The first award I received last week was from Row’s Pottery Shed who has a very sweet and eclectic taste in many things, currently on a photography rampage which I love also, told you there is lots of love here!

The Verstalie Blogger Award came from Creatrice Mondial where Amy Lynne produces a creative blog covering a wide range of areas that I love (there is that word again) and at the same time opening my eyes to the big wide world.

To my nominee’s, I would like to give you the opportunity to choose which of the two awards you would like? Not the most conventional way of nominating awards but conventional is not my middle name so lets get started. My nominees are:

  1. annsquared
  2. Kaleidoscopebrain
  3. Julietmacleod
  4. Sketchuniverse
  5. Middleagedyo
  6. INFJoe
  7. Wwwwhwhy

Dear Rowena and Amy Lynne, it would please me if you could accept an award from me also and just hold on to it until you are ready to follow through with your nominations and it won’t bother me in the slightest if you take your time as I know you just received one yourselves. That would mean the Versatile Blogger Award for Rowena and Sweet Blogger Award for Amy Lynne which is perfect because they are the two awards I would like to nominate you for … worked out splendidly.

For the Versatile blogger award I am required to state 7 things about myself and for the Sweet Blogger Award I am required to answer some pre-determined questions. I choose the questions, as I don’t have to think so hard.

Q. Cookies or cake?

Without a shadow of a doubt – cake. Chocolate cake, need I say more?

Q. Chocolate or vanilla?

Hm.. let me see? Chocolate. You could ask me my favourite meal and I would say chocolate or my favourite coloured car and I would say – yep … chocolate.

Q. Favourite sweet treat?

Those éclair pastry things with custard on the inside and chocolate on top. Oh my goodness who on earth invented those things and why did I have to discover them when I was pregnant?

Q. When do you crave sweet things the most?

The question should be – when don’t I crave sweet things the most?

Q. Sweet nick name?

Moni-poohs. Trust me, this is about as sweet as my nicknames get.

Thank you for the nominations and thank you to my nominees for such interesting blogs and keeping me up to date with your speciality while making me smile in the process. I hope you enjoy your well deserved award and I look forward to reading either your answers to the sweet questions for the Sweet Blogger Award as I have done above or learning 7 things about yourself for the Versatile Blogger Award, and of course your nominees.

If this is your first award you can follow a guide for accepting the award below:
Create a new post
Upload award logo
Write an introduction about the award and who nominated you
Include answers to the questions for the sweet blogger award or state 7 things about yourself if you accept the Versatile Blogger Award
Nominate 10 or so blogs of your choice
Well done!


10 thoughts on “Award Time

  1. Congratulations, Ms Charcoalblue! I love to see the awards handed out and read more about my “neighbors.” I will graciously accept the Versatile Blogger Award. I think that is much more apt than “Keep Calm and Be Sweet” (unless the trophy is crafted from an anxiolytic and raw sugar) in terms of my blog and personality 😉

    I am still trying to figure out how to keep the award badges on the side of the blog wall.

    I do like the tiara that goes with the pink award though 😉

      1. What? You aren’t going to recraft the logo – with a tiara? When my cat ran off in the spring, she took my crown.

        Maybe I’ll just get a jump on the Halloween and get a witch hat to wear. (Maybe then I can embarrass my kids lol.)

  2. Congratulations on the double award!! Well deserved. 🙂 And thank you so much for the nomination for the Sweet Blogger Award! That is extremely, well, sweet of you! (Couldn’t resist… ;))

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