Memories that won’t become

We are moving to Peru in a couple of weeks so the packing has begun. In this lovely process I am finding forgotten memories and preparing to pack away the possibility of some future memories.

You see, I can’t take my screens with me to Peru so no more screen-printing. I have really enjoyed the whole process of screen printing as it involves numerous steps and challenges as well as unlimited creative options such as printing on timber, tiles and who knows what else in addition to the traditional paper and fabric. I had only just begun my journey and now it is time to say goodbye… but not farewell.


So that is the memory that won’t become and now onto a 10 year old memory that I had forgotten – my thoughts on my INTPness (more likely to be an INFP at the time).

I am at the point where I feel like I almost need to start an INTP’s anonymous meeting … “Hello, my name is Simone and I am an INTP. Today was really hard for me. I went to a shopping centre where there were lots of people. Yes I know but that wasn’t all. The temptation was too strong for me to resist experimenting with my … well indecisiveness of course. I walked into a bookstore with no agenda except to see where I ended up, hoping this would reveal my truthful inner career aspirations. I read a little in almost every category bar carpentry and folk art and despite finding political science more intriguing than I once thought, I still walked out of the store more confused than ever.”

I feel compelled to make career decisions based on the practicalities of it all. I dream of the day when my in-laws, after graduating from law or something equally obvious, embrace me and insist on hosting a dinner in my honour. I visualize my children sensing the important contribution I make in my work and get all excited at the thought of sharing knowledge and wisdom through clever metaphors in their teenage years. I see my husband continually in awe of my intelligence, creative brilliance, timely insightfulness and firm butt.

And in an instant I am suddenly a photographer in trendy jeans with messy sun bleached hair, bright white teeth and a pass dangling around my neck – to what I don’t know, it doesn’t matter because I’m with the National Geographic. 

Onto new memories … in Peru.


17 thoughts on “Memories that won’t become

      1. What about the sarcasm? Although the photographer part is true. National Geographic would be wonderful, a pipe dream, but still wonderful. Anyway, I just love how INTP’s always like to keep their options open (to my husbands annoyance at times), even in their dreams.

  1. So what’s the equivalent for INTPs AA group? Cause that is what it sounds like. I can just see you sitting in a circle of INTPs coming ‘clean’…fessing up hey? That’s ok, there is help out there

    1. Precisely, I’d love nothing more than to contemplate indecision, dream how I would please others without actually doing it and discuss for the umpteenth time the importance of books. Such a group is not likely to happen unfortunately, not at least until I learn spanish.

  2. Beautiful screen-prints!! Such a shame you won’t be able to take your screens. But as you say, onto new memories! The trick is turning those dreams into reality… if you figure out the trick, let me know!! lol 🙂

    1. Thanks, a little sad seeing them go into storage when I derive so much pleasure from them. Oh well, and as for the dreams, I’ll never stop dreaming, it’s my favourite pass-time, apart from thinking that is. But yes, hopefully I’ll figure out how to turn some of them into a reality.

    1. Oh the culture, can’t wait to experience another culture. My cultural experience so far is about as broad as my big toe so I’m looking forward to changing that.

    1. I have been hearing only positive remarks about Peru and South America in general so I am really curious and excited and grateful for the opportunity.

      1. I spent nine months travelling around South America. OK, it was years ago and things will have changed, but all I remember were places of untold beauty and fascination, and people who were so kind, and who would go out of their way to be helpful.

      2. Wow, what a wonderful experience. Those things you mention are things that don’t change a great deal. Looking forward to it.

  3. i like to believe i’m sort of a photographer too, though far from being a topnotch one, as i don’t think anyone needs a certificate to “validate” that — it’s like writing, or other craft. it’s a personal thing. of course i won’t pass anytime soon in National Geographic, but now that you mention it… i’m a huge dreamer too, then i get depressed i lose it all, but thankfully that’s not all the time. maybe i am learning to be quite practical too. *hopes*

    1. The downs always make the ups so much more special, even in our dreams. Also, being practical is overrated, not that I would know of course because I am anything but.

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