Upon first glance

I have never wanted to photograph more in my life than I do right here, right now. I am itching to bring out my Canon.

Walking the streets of Lima in San Isidro is like walking with our senses in overdrive. I wonder if the car horns actually serve a purpose; so number some to one’s ears it’s any wonder anyone can follow the chatter, if not a ploy to add to the ambience of this great bustling city.
































Piece of advice, never trust pedestrian crossings. In fact, it is safer to pretend they don’t exist, after all that’s what many drivers do. I am amazed at how every cm is utilised on the streets and not just while the cars are being driven. Cars are parked within a fingers width of each other and even closer to the walls while parked in their garages. The curbs are petite, paths shiny and smooth, concrete expertly shaped into squares and rectangles. Roads are mostly tar with pockets of interest added with herringbone pavers and cobblestones. Noticeable, is the Spanish influence with decorative plasterwork around entrances and windows, crisscross patterns, semi-circled roof tiles and elaborate tiles framing doorways and paths. Colours are bright, subdued and in some and non-existence in others, all adding to the many contrasts my eye seems drawn too.


IMG_0655Parks are interspersed in this concrete jungle but so too are greenery and brightly coloured plants and flowers adorning the neatly compacted streets. Time taken to plant and care for grass between cement sections allocating parking bays and the timber – oh they really know how to use timber in all its complimentary glory. I don’t want my eyes to adjust, not yet anyway.

After being advised not to wear my rings or even use my iPhone in public I am obviously concerned about taking my camera to the streets. It is a must and it will be done, and when I have, I will be dancing a happy dance while I wait for my iMac to cross to seas for us to be reunited. Until then, it is sneaky iPhone shots all the way.

































Oh and ….we had our first eating out experience. Salsa’s of different kinds arrived with our bread, a capsicum, parsley and a mixture of onion, garlic and herbs, all of which had the distinct pleasantness of an olive oil so delicious I became a fan instantly.

We progressed with our meal to steaks, cream of vegetable soup, chips made from a local starchy vegetable and taco’s with refried beans and rice with salad. So tasty. I am not a foodie so I am not adequately describing what you are currently missing by not being here – but just trust me.


5 thoughts on “Upon first glance

  1. So glad you’re not too fazed by it all. I used to carry a small back pack on my front (if you know what I mean), with my camera inside. I’d put the camera strap around my neck too, so that I could just unzip, snap, and put it away again quickly. That said, the iPhone shots are looking lovely.

  2. Sounds like a fascinating place! Can’t wait to read more about your experiences there. Just wait, after everyone is all adjusted and you’re old hat at the place, you’ll look back at your first moments there and think “wow”. I love first impressions in new places!! 🙂

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