Just Me

No photos, no art, no nothing that I usually do on this blog. It’s just me today.

As you all know, I have moved to Peru from Australia with my husband and three young boys. Re-settling in a new culture with a different language, unfamiliar processes and roundabout logic has added to the stress of just being at home with three young boys for months on end. No school, no daycare, just one long long extended school holiday. Oh dear. Exactly.

My point? My biggest lesson so far is an answer to a question that I wasn’t exactly asking myself to begin with. That question being why is it so hard to ask for help?

Here’s what I think. Asking for help is the recognition that most things are bigger than your pride. It is accepting that some things mean more than how you feel about something and facing the reality that my world is not within my control afterall. I have had to ask for help repeatedly here and as a result, my feelings of independence and perception of capability has plummeted to a new found low and it’s exhausting! Fighting your pride that is.

What makes it harder is when your foundations have changed. My husband lives and works at site and my mother is in another country.

But on the up side, there is an up side, meaning I can only find myself again from here right? Stop worrying about all the things I can’t do and focus on the things I can do. I may not be able to order pizza, find a gardener or a plug for the sink but I can face my reality, swallow my pride and ask for help.

Now please excuse me, I need to write a letter of immense gratitude to playstation.


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