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Early attempt at drawing nudes in charcoal

Early attempt at drawing nudes in charcoal

If you have read my about me page, you have learnt that I am a thinker. I just love thinking, learning and drawing. Give me a pencil, paper, book and some peace and quiet and I’ll be your best friend for life.  Once, an old friend gave me a voucher for a pedicure for my birthday. My first thought was ‘does she know me at all?’ Books, even a blank book without lines for that matter would have sufficed. What about a fresh stick of charcoal, some 300 gsm paper, tinted preferably, but no, she must have seen me as a female concerned about my feet.

Well it wasn’t so bad, even the chitchat interrupting my thinking was entertaining. Honestly, I’m hooked, I love pedicures, even if I do need a nap afterwards to rejuvenate from the whirlwind of social banter.

What do I think about? I don’t know, my mind has a mind of its own. I am however, training myself to see more and more beauty through drawing life and by drawing on art and life. So, peripherally this blog is about people, stories, drawing, life, memories, colour and art but if you squint long enough hopefully we can all see and appreciate how one is not without the other.

Why start a blog?

Well, I will have to censor my words, organise my thoughts, research my queries and follow through with my own suggestions. These are all good habits regardless, and more likely to be actioned online than if written with pen and paper.

But what will the blog be about?

Considering I usually have around 7 books on my beside table at any one time, all of which are enjoyed in no particular order, my guess is that this blog will be much the same; a haphazard conglomeration of art, printmaking, parenting, personality, psychology, photography, memories and likely some useless questions just for the sake of it.

Why now?

I have been in zombie land for the past 5 years. I lived in Nappy Street off Sleepless Lane in a town called ‘I Want to Scream’. Now I have 3 boys aged 5, 4 and 2. We moved to a remote mining town from a capital city away from family and friends almost 2 years ago and I have been studying psychology via distance education for the past 4 years. I find I can occasionally peep my out from under a cloud of nappies, spitting, naughty words and thick mud so I have decided to re-enter adult land by having some me time. I’m allowing myself to be cavalier with at least part of my day where I potter from this book to that blog and from this drawing to that jog. Most of all, I am going to my grass roots, going full circle to where it all began, charcoal.

Charcoal? What on earth?

When I was younger I looooved working with charcoal. I just realised I said working and not drawing. I guess that’s how I saw it, a working relationship. I have included some of the drawings I drew in my mid teens. Hopefully I can find the book I drew the inspiration from too.

Sleeve in charcoal and white chalk

Sleeve in charcoal and white chalk

There is nothing to brag about but just a visual of when my fascination with charcoal started. From one stick of charcoal a drawing can speak a thousand words. Oh how I tried to learn and speak the language from these drawings in my mothers art books. I guess it was inevitable that I fell in love with black and white photography while at college in the darkroom days.

It may also explain why I find human behaviour so fascinating; nothing is ever only black and white. I would have called my blog something with ‘shades of grey’ but that would have given the wrong impression about the contents of my blog let alone the contents of my mind. So charcoal it is. It represents that which I am fascinated with, the always-present contrasts and subtleties in people and art.

What about the blue bit?

I am predominately melancholy, and as a melancholy I like meaning and meaningfulness and to be meaningful with meaning of course. Lucky for me, I have a husband who reminds me to stop thinking and do. Thanks husband. I do.

Where to from here?

For starters I want to talk about perspective, money and passions, what makes a good host, as well as updates on my hopefully regular ‘teaching myself to draw’ segments which feedback would be really handy, and my practical moments where I attempt to be creative in a tangible way. Also, being a mum to three young boys, I wouldn’t be me without including them as they do take 95% of my waking attention. That’s the plan.

If you haven’t read about me, now might be a good time to do it. No this page was about me, it just wasn’t the about me page, you know, the dedicated page that is just about me, even though most other pages are also about me …… oh now I’m just being silly, another thing you should know about me.

Lady with hat in charcoal

Lady with hat in charcoal

The above drawing was drawn from one of my mum’s books that I fell in love with, this time in my early 20’s. If you are a charcoal lover, find this book! How to draw the Human Figure by Victor Ambrus.

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