Lunahuana, where I expected to meet Zorro

Lunahuana Peru


Luscious clumps of grapes dripping from vines with leaves twice the size of my outstretched hand. Rocky roads, dirt roads and pot-holes too numerous to ignore. The distinctive sound of a full and fast river, the feel of fresh air in our lungs and the sight of mountains layered with glorious shades of blues and greys.

Seventy cents for six mangoes, the smell of charcoaling chicken and colourful soda’s displayed at every turn and other nook and cranny. Jewellery stalls, restaurants galore and rows of rafting boats, quad bikes, life jackets, oars and helmets.

A mixture of ancient and current with the occasional sprinkle of the new.

At the centre of town, an elevated crucifix dwarfed by the surrounding monstrosities called montanas.

Such montanas are softened from the plush clouds in the evening, and in the morning so noticeable is the top layer cracked from intense heat, however from a far enough distance appears to be covered with a blanket of soft fur.

This is Lunahuana.

Located approximately 140km south of Lima, yet takes 3 hours to travel from Peru’s capital.

Our destination, La Confianza, was well worth the extra-unexpected bumpy travel time. I managed to take advantage of the pinky dusk light highlighting the softness of this quiet and remote location.

Seriously though, I honestly thought at any possible moment I was going to personally meet Antonia Banderas as ‘Zorro’.

Alas, we met Pedro and his dog Pisco who both became our hero’s. Pedro opened up his home and made it ours, fed us with many dishes of scrumptious Peruvian food, organised our every need from taxi to rafting and at the end of our 3 night stay, waved us off like much loved friends. And Pisco? Well he entertained our boys, escorted us on our walks and greeted us in the mornings with the exaggerated wag of a tail only a Labrador can master.


A little get away Part 2

Now onto Punta Sal…

Punta Sal Resort, North Peru

Punta Sal Resort, North Peru

















Coming from Australia, there is no doubt that we are spoilt with the beaches with white sand, clear waters and friendly hospitality. In Northern Peru, I found the sand not so white, the water not quite as clear but the hospitality …. every bit as friendly.

The feelings of isolation were ever present with views of the untouched surrounding us from all directions. If you want to get away just enough to subtly be reminded that you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth then this is your destination. Our three bedroom bungalow provided the necessary modern comforts whilst the layout insisted that relaxation is best experienced outdoors. Perhaps if my boys were a little older I would have absorbed the outdoor lounge and dining room for the relaxation it virtually shouts but instead there was no escaping the water squirting from their newly acquired toys … nice move Santa.

Watching the sunset off the deck and seeing the meagre scattering of lights along the waters edge breaking through the dusk is enough to convince you that relaxation is an achievable physical state, not just something to dream about. Even the dancing crabs along the shore and the cool sea breeze soothing our sunburt skin were very persuasive. Then I realise this new found sensation called silence was due to iPads.

Back to Punta Sal … the menu is heavily seafood based with ample cocktails to choose from. There is a swimming pool, fuseball, table tennis and pool, water sports and fishing … just seems like an all round place for everyone. Me? What did I enjoy? Wi-fi on the beach, sounds of children laughing and the familiar sun, the one and very same, from home.

A little get away

I have returned from a few days in Northern Peru. For a change of scenery we decided to fly to Tumbes which is just south of the border with Ecuador. We then drove 1.5 hours to our Christmas destination – Punta Sal resort.

Before I show you the resort, let’s take a look around Tumbes.

I was intrigued to see their places of business…

their places of worship, play and education …

their streets …

and lastly, their forms of transport.

So saying lots of colour in a sea of dirt would be an understatement right?

I never got around to the resort …. oh next time. Right now my insightful, wordful (thoughtful words) and creative talent to state the obvious is required elsewhere in this world of great need…. and that is with my children. I think they need me to say …. wait for it …. ‘it is the other childs turn’.

Getting a grip

Balancing on the only safe surface for hundreds of metres I try to retell the story of how I snapped two ligaments in my left knee. As I tell this 18 year old tale, the magic carpet, as it is called, slowly but surely edges me closer to the top of the slope where I will need to act my age and be .. well … brave; a hard task when you are a chicken poop like me. Although currently in my mid 30’s, I can easily regress into the 14 year old girl that I never was … scared.

Snowy Mountains Australia







While ignoring the task ahead of me I continue to tell the tale and feel relieved to hear how brave I am, that I should return after the experience of my last visit. Such positivity from a young man balancing on the magic carpet behind me as my instructor, is a reminder that I am stuck in the middle between what are his expectations and what will eventuate when I slide off the carpet onto the snow. Would now be a good time to mention I have had issues with my inner ear?

So easy to talk to, he is obviously very good at his job, I am already starting to feel at ease, so much so, that if I should fall and hold up the line of fellow snowboarders or skiers edging to the top of this carved section of snow, that it won’t be the end of mankind. Actually, shouldn’t this school area be larger? We are beginners after all. As I ponder this possible miscalucation I soak in the comforting sight of beginners creeping their way down the slope at a similar speed to our travelling up and begin to understand the unnecessary waste of mountain space if the square were  any larger.

Back to hearing how brave I am to even be here, oh that’s right, the conversation has moved on to something else…. Oh dear, the top is getting closer … what else can I talk about, my knees are shaking and it’s not because I am cold. “Oh, I have a 6 year old over there in the snowboarding class and a 4 year old over there learning how to ski” I blurt out suddenly …. What? I have children? That’s right, I have 3 young boys which means I am a mother and most likely an adult… oh my goodness, get a grip, I am travelling at 2 metres per hour and if I fall, then I have the inner ear problem to redeem myself. Snow trip3

Snow trip2