My first flowers

still life in pastel

Okay Okay, I have tried to avoid drawing flowers for many reasons. Firstly, those who know me know my mum paints flowers in her still life arrangements and as if I’m going to enter that world. It would be like cooking for your very first time duck confit to a french chef. So as if. I mean, really, as if, but … I was watching a DVD that you lent me mum and I loved it. It made me think maybe I could give it at least one try.

The other reason I have avoided flowers is because of the greenery. Green happens to be my favourite colour but I’m not a big fan of pastel greens. So of course I can’t stand my greenery. I knew I would struggle there and I did. Fact.

Another fact, I need to buy more pastels, particularly greens and blues. Dark ones. And … I need to learn how to arrange flowers.

Last reason why I have avoided flowers …. it takes too long. Too much detail, too many darks and lights, too many, too many, and not to mention too time consuming. I enjoy drawing, don’t get me wrong but it’s not like I’m an artist, nor a chef. Just a mum who gets sick and tired of saying ‘stop kicking my legs’ every singe time, and I mean every single time, with no exaggeration, none whatsoever, I sit down to eat with my boys.

Well ironically, well not ironically, or perhaps ironic is suitable here, who knows, I now have to think about what to cook for dinner – without greens, and lets hope, enjoyed without kicking legs.




Hi Mum,

still life pastel drawing

I get it now. I totally understand. Why you would let your paint and brushes allure you into a different world. One that didn’t require politics, bills, stoplights, talking or even listening for that matter. Nope. Instead, a peaceful world governed by decisions such as choosing this colour or that one, this size canvas or smaller, light from the left or the right?

As a result, I have been drawing everyday for the past week and I have some new drawings.

still life pastel jug and apples


still life pastel drawing

As for the other world, the real one with negotiations with children, to-do lists and almost being run over on the pedestrian crossing every day. Well we continue our wait for the sun to make an entrance for longer than 1 hour in a day. The boys love their new school. I am too because I can read and understand their homework and school newsletters. I have found the best French delicatessen so I am making my way through their cheeses and tarts. Simon is getting a suit made for a charity ball later this month. Me? No I don’t have anything to wear but unfortunately my indecisiveness has made one decision and that is to torture me, no doubt until the very last moment. I need you here to make me a skirt like you did for my year 10 formal.

This next one I don’t like very much AT ALL hence why it is more unfinished than the others…. but Simon insists.

still life pastel drawing jug and bowls

Say All You Dare

An easier life is what we seek
Including the humble and not so meek
Waking for parties and buffet full
To graduate with honours from a top notch school
A position to envy, supporting the spending
A humble abode with rooms never ending

Should we be striving for a life of guilt?
Planning a fortress not yet built?
Of course they say, there’s no other way
Big dreams, high goals, they do repay
For it must be assessed, your final share
Is it bigger, grander, greater than theirs
Be warned if it isn’t, there will be a fee
Why me, why me, why me you will plea

Discipline it seems, could be the key
To obtain what most don’t but only see
For it is then you can say “I am there”
My priorities straight, my relationships bare
I truly am grateful for the abundance brought forth
I have all affairs sorted so I’ll keep looking north
It is there we are hoping to finally find
That work and things will show a heart kind

What does one mean “making a life?”
Is it different for a queen and that for a wife?
Who is to judge the life that we make
Our friends and family in our names sake?
And what criterion will be used for this task?
Yours, mine or the neighbours shall I ask
Upon whose final judgement shall I feel at ease
Comfortably knowing my worth won’t be teased


Please forgive my careless eye
For passing your pride on the mantel so high
I don’t mean to embarrass you when trivia retold
Tries to grab my attention but fails to hold
My goals, my ambitions are upwardly focused
Completely unaware of the worlds hocus pocus
Laugh at me, scoff at me, say all you dare
At first it may hurt but the Lord has by care
by Charcoalblue

I realise I have introduced my two eldest sons, but not my youngest.  This is him when he was 12 months old. Now he is two and it has been the best terrible two’s I have ever had. He’s our lovely Loxley.

Black and white Pastel portrait of baby

Loxley in Pastel