After a mighty long absence my blog decided to sing to me ….’Say something I’m giving up on you’.

So here goes… Hi Mum, I know you are not able to open your emails and you don’t use Facebook so I will continue to update this blog with photos from South America and some of my artwork. Or I might put my artwork on a different one. I’m not sure.

As you may have heard, we went to Chile for a week where the boys skied for two days in the emptiest ski resort on the planet. It was great, virtually no-one around. Only problem was I did some of my best skiing there with no-one to wonder in awe at my skills. Skill at not falling over that is, much anyway. Loxley even had his first ski lessons with his ‘private instructor’. This child needs to run bare foot in an Aussie backyard, eat a dinner of baked beans on toast and scrape his toes on the bitumen while scootering down the street to set him straight. He’s turning into a little spoilt so and so here. When in Rome I suppose.

I have been doing some drawing which I will include in a separate post.



Getting a grip

Balancing on the only safe surface for hundreds of metres I try to retell the story of how I snapped two ligaments in my left knee. As I tell this 18 year old tale, the magic carpet, as it is called, slowly but surely edges me closer to the top of the slope where I will need to act my age and be .. well … brave; a hard task when you are a chicken poop like me. Although currently in my mid 30’s, I can easily regress into the 14 year old girl that I never was … scared.

Snowy Mountains Australia







While ignoring the task ahead of me I continue to tell the tale and feel relieved to hear how brave I am, that I should return after the experience of my last visit. Such positivity from a young man balancing on the magic carpet behind me as my instructor, is a reminder that I am stuck in the middle between what are his expectations and what will eventuate when I slide off the carpet onto the snow. Would now be a good time to mention I have had issues with my inner ear?

So easy to talk to, he is obviously very good at his job, I am already starting to feel at ease, so much so, that if I should fall and hold up the line of fellow snowboarders or skiers edging to the top of this carved section of snow, that it won’t be the end of mankind. Actually, shouldn’t this school area be larger? We are beginners after all. As I ponder this possible miscalucation I soak in the comforting sight of beginners creeping their way down the slope at a similar speed to our travelling up and begin to understand the unnecessary waste of mountain space if the square were  any larger.

Back to hearing how brave I am to even be here, oh that’s right, the conversation has moved on to something else…. Oh dear, the top is getting closer … what else can I talk about, my knees are shaking and it’s not because I am cold. “Oh, I have a 6 year old over there in the snowboarding class and a 4 year old over there learning how to ski” I blurt out suddenly …. What? I have children? That’s right, I have 3 young boys which means I am a mother and most likely an adult… oh my goodness, get a grip, I am travelling at 2 metres per hour and if I fall, then I have the inner ear problem to redeem myself. Snow trip3

Snow trip2